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Lime Vitamin C Face Mask (7 treatments)

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A soft-textured “imprint” type mask, suitable for skin that is dull and greyish appearance; the occlusive action created by the mask promotes deep penetration of active ingredients: an antioxidant blend and energetic vitamin C, which deeply moisturises the skin. It is made up of two separate components to be mixed before use.

Active Ingredients

Perlite, Potassium Alginate, Distilled Orange blossom water, Panthenol.


How To Use

Mix 10 ml of Activating Solution (use the measuring cup) and 55 ml of water and the powder in the Face Mask sachet, until a creamy consistency is obtained; then apply to face and neck, taking care to keep the edges high. Leave on for about 15 minutes; then soak the edges with a wet cotton wool pad and using your hands, lift the mask upwards. It will come off in one piece.


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