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Z1 Purify Zone Pre

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Z1 Purify Zone is an intensive skin-purifying hair treatment based on a synergistic concentrate of the purest essential oils, specifically for deep purification of heavily intoxicated scalp areas. Z1 Purify ensures natural hair growth by promoting rapid disposal of impurities that the normal biological work of hair bulbs, the use of drugs or stressful events may cause.

A quick and practical gesture that, by eliminating toxins, reactivates and enhances the functions of the hair complex, significantly improving the quality of the hair structure. Z1 Purify’s distinctive fragrance comes from the high concentration of the chosen natural essences.

Suitable For

For weakened hair and tightened, hypersensitive and painful scalp with reduced blood micro-circulation.

How to Use

Pre Step (Before Shampoo) alternate days or 2 days gap in between

  • Shake before using
  • Apply directly on the dry scalp
  •  4 to 6 pumps onto the scalp, 4 pumps on top of the scalp (4 separate square points). If you wish, then 2 more at the back of the scalp (2 separate parallel points).
  • Proceed with the specific massage (3-5 min)
  • Proceed with shampoo (wash off)

Key Ingredients

Highly concentrated synergy of 16 essential oils, such as Ground Clove, Grapefruit, Eucaliptus Globulus, Lavender and Scotch Pine.


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