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Rosa-C3 Optimal Treatment (5 treatments) (East-Malaysia Only)

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Indicated for all, men and women with sensitive skin, prone to redness and presenting apparent microcirculation. 100% of the people who received a cure with this Professional Treatment observed visible results from the very first treatment at the Institute.


  • Sensitive skin with redness
  • Visibly reduces the intensity and extent of facial redness
  • The size and number of visible micro-vessels is reduced
  • Skin is decongested
  • The complexion is much more even
  • Skin is soothed and helps to reduce the evolution of unaesthetic signs
  • Relief of discomfort and tightness
  • Decrease in irritation and sensations of warmth
  • Immediate overall comfort

*An objective clinical study was conducted by an independent laboratory.

How To Use

*can view inside the treatment box which comes together.


*can view inside the treatment box which comes together.


*Product ingredients may change by manufacturer without notice and maybe different than what is shown on the catalogue. We are not responsible for any future changes and do not guarantee the ingredients to be exactly the same as the product label.


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