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HydraScience AHD3 Professional Treatment (5 Treatment)

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Combines overall well-being and deep relaxation with high performance. This supercharged treatment re-activates the skin’s natural hydrating mechanisms by teaching the skin to self-hydrate.


  • For all dehydrated skin, including oily and sensitive skin at the first signs of dehydration
  • Control of all skin’s hydration for 100% superficially and deeply hydrated skin
  • Skin is plumped, features are smoothed and skin appears more youthful
  • Exceptional comfort, suppleness, softness, freshness & glow

These immediate benefits are increased when doing a cure and the following positive effects are added:

  • Reinforced skin’s resistance to environmental and climatic stresses
  • A stronger and less reactive skin
  • A greater vitality

How To Use

*can view inside the treatment box which comes together.


*can view inside the treatment box which comes together.


*Product ingredients may change by manufacturer without notice and maybe different than what is shown on the catalogue. We are not responsible for any future changes and do not guarantee the ingredients to be exactly the same as the product label.


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