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Wellness of the Skin & Scalp
Wellness of the Skin & Scalp


EP XPERIENCE is the Master Distributor of branded Skincare and Scalp care products from Europe. Of 30 years experienced with Laboratoire Dr. Renaud skincare products and more than 10 years with Elphidos Scalp Spa®️


Our goal is to offer visible, lasting results from cutting-edge laboratories. EP XPERIENCE source products that are results of continuous research and made with the best, most innovative active ingredients. With the concept of wellness of the skin and scalp for a general wellbeing.


To treat the scalp means take care of the hair. A simple, direct and functional philosophy in tune with a precious gift from nature… the “ESSENTIAL OILS”.

PHYSIA OE is the result of a wise synergy of selected Essential Oils, blended with knowledge and professional skills, guarantees an effective cosmetic action to satisfy today’s needs for wellbeing, satisfying both the Hairdressers’, Beauticians’ and the final clients’ expectations.


Entering the care for hair with the World of Bothea. Which means, discovering the perfect balance between Nature, Technique & Sensory Experience.

ELPHIDOS Scalp SPA ®️ is a PHILOSOPHY for a global treatment, a new occasion to expand and transform the professional services for the modern Hair and Beauty Salons, designed to treat both, the scalp and the hair.


Find everything you need to succeed as a full-fledged scalp & skin professional.

We’re here to equip you with the right products, formulation and treat techniques to advance in the beauty industry. Let’s work together to exceed the expectations of skincare treatments in the market!