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For truly healthy skin, go beyond the skin. Experience the gentle power of nature’s active ingredients – the synergy of essential oils distilled from plants, herbs and spices to restore and improve your skin’s microbiome. On your scalp, and on your face.

Safe and Natural

Innovative, non-invasive skincare solutions for the scalp.

Trichologist Blend

Clever synergy of up to 12 essential oils to target and treat 7 scalp abnormalities.

Proven Treatments

Combines precise formulations and treat techniques for desirable results.


Hair is not skin, but the scalp is. Did you know that scalp skin ages faster than facial skin?

A healthy scalp grows lush hair, so it’s important to treat the scalp right. Discover natural skincare that harnesses the synergy of essential oils to work beyond the hairline,
just like they did:

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With EPXperience, you will be able to provide professional consultation, solution and services to treat your clients’ scalp problems.


We want to see you improve in skincare & scalp care and take your business further. Hence, we will work closely to train, equip and empower you and your team to be successful!

Training & Upskilling

In-person and virtual training sessions every month at/from our Training Center in KL.

Business Consultation

Beauty specialist or entrepreneur, we’re happy to share our years of experience with you.

Event Co-Participation

Opportunity to join events in Malaysia and Singapore to increase your market presence.


As South East Asia’s Master Distributor of branded scalp & skin care products from Europe, we have helped big and small beauty businesses expand their range of services since 1988. And we can do it with you too!

Reach out to us, let’s talk. 


Entered scalp care industry with Elphidos Scalp Spa®️.


Beauty salons in Malaysia & Singapore.


Imported authentic products.


Years of deep knowledge, tools, and know-how.


Our products are 100% natural. Non-invasive, trichologist-formulated with high concentration of distilled essential oils that produces desirable results when combined with precise treat techniques.

It’s a clever blend of essential oils to target specific scalp needs. The strength of our products is based on the synergy of up to 16 essential oils to support scalp function and treat every aspect related to scalp problems.

Did you know? As soon as high quality Essential Oils are applied on the skin, it disperses out of your system within minutes? The penetration is powerful, yet it gently and effectively treats the superficial skin (epidermis) and internal layer (dermis) without leaving any residue.

Yes, Scalp Care is essential because the hair grows from it. If the skin on the scalp is unhealthy, the hair is affected. Your scalp and face are all connected through blood vessels, lymphs and nerves – it’s a whole network under the skin.

Also, did you know that your scalp skin ages faster than your facial skin? With EPXperience, you can do something about it.

Simple. Scalp is skin, and skin is the expertise of beauticians! Since scalp and face skin are related, it’s the beautician’s right and duty to complete and improve the skin as a whole.

Through symptoms! Trichologists have taught us 3 ways to assess scalp health:
1. Scalp mobility – Poor mobility results in tightness, pain.
2. Sensitivity – Painful, itchiness, flakiness.
3. Blood Circulation – Poor circulation results in dullness, thin hair / lack of nutrients.

No. Come join us, we’ll empower you and your team to run a successful Scalp & Skin Care business.

Within the same space, you can offer two services in one. After all, scalp is also skin. This will increase the number of your clients, giving you more business.


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