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Primissima Kit Exfoliating Professional Treatment

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Face Scrub 1 – 50 ml
Synergy of malic, citric, carboxylic, pyrrolidone, gluconolactone and urea acids; acts as a “booster” for the action of the Face Scrub 2


Face Scrub 2 – 200 ml
Professional shock treatment based on glycolic, mandelic and malic acid that instantly restores the corneal layer.


Fabric mask – 10 units
It is used in the care for the soaking of the face scrub 2.


Regenerating Mask – 150 ml
Normalizes the parameters of the skin, regenerates and soothes it thanks to the concentrate of Passionflower seeds that it contains.


Renew Face Cream – 10 x 3 ml
Face cream with sensory texture to complete the treatment.


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