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Anti-Dandruff Synergy (30ml)


Globally active fluid, with a base of essential oils and Sichuan pepper. Cleans the scalp from difficult to remove dandruff clusters. Encourages the restoration of normal function by protecting the scalp and slowing down the reoccurrences of the most troublesome cases

Suitable For

Ideal for a scalp affected by relapsing and stubborn dandruff.

How to Use

Apply a few drops directly on the dry scalp. Massage gently and if necessary add the Peel Deforforante Emulsion. Proceed with the specific Shampoo.

Key Ingredients

Based on essential oils (Tea Tree eo, Grapefruit eo, Lavender eo, Bergamot eo, Chamomile eo, Chamomile, Lemon eo, Palma Rosa eo, Citron eo, Rosemary eo, Oregano eo, Thyme eo, Eucalyptus eo, Pine eo, Cypress eo, Citronella eo) and Sichuan pepper.


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