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Camouflage Cream (6g)


● Covers skin imperfections perfectly and reliably

● Ideal for special occasions, weddings, catwalk.

● Very long lasting, even at high ambience temperatures.

● All shades can be mixed with each other, in order to make possible to match skin color

● Waterproof after the application of Fixing Powder.

● For multilayer applications: each layer needs to be fixed with Malu Wilz Fixing Powder

● For concealing tattoos, birthmarks, pigments, skin imperfections.

Skin Type

The perfect cover cream, for all kinds of skin discolouration – Dark Circles, Pigmentation, Acne Spots, Scars, Port Wine stain, Tattoos… Long-lasting, Waterproof and dermatologically approved suitable for sensitive skin.

How To Use

After the usual skin care, extract some Camouflage Cream with a spatula, and mix it/ make it supple on the back of the hand. Then, apply thin and uniformly with a slight damped latex sponge and fade out on the contours. If necessary, mix two shades to achieve desired colour shade.

To conceal Redness, first neutralize the red blotches with the green Camouflage (no. 12), and then apply your skin tone shade. Conceal serious dark areas ( very serious dark circles) with no. 01 (light/yellowish) to lighten the area, then your skin tone shade. Subsequently, apply Fixing Powder with a brush or a puff.


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