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Hyaluronic Active+ Cream Rich (50ml)


Contains the highly effective hyaluronic active ingredient formula with dual effect. Three different hyaluronic acids (high-molecular, low-molecular and cross-linked) provide the skin with an extra portion of moisture immediately after application, the skin is visibly smoothed and strengthened from the inside. A special booster for hyaluronic acid and elastin ensures a long-term structural improvement in the deep layers of the skin. The loss of the body’s own hyaluronic acid is compensated and its own production is stimulated – for firm skin and a youthful appearance. Additional moisturizing ingredients support the skin’s natural NMF. Shea butter and allantoin keep dry skin soft and supple and balance the lipid balance.

Skin Type

Dry skin

How To Use

Apply mornings and evenings to carefully cleansed skin. 

For very dry skin, use HYALURONIC ACTIVE PLUS BEAUTY FLASH SPRAY as a serum under skin care.

Active Ingredients

Hyaluronic acid (high molecular weight, low molecular weight and cross-linked), shea butter and allantoin


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