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Glow Effect Peeling (AHA) (30ml) (East-Malaysia Only)

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The exfoliating concentrate intensively exfoliates the skin. Mandelic, glycolic, lactic and citric acids have a keratolytic effect, helping the skin to shed dead skin cells and reduce cornification. Phytic acid has a brightening effect and helps against age spots. The complexion appears radiant, soft and even. Fine wrinkles are reduced.

Skin Type

Especially for mature skin.


  • Keratolytic
  • Effectively protects against harmful environmental influences
  • Anti-aging effect: effectively reduces wrinkle
  • Helps against age spots and has a brightening effect


  • Smooth, plump and radiant skin
  • Firm and elastic skin
  • Reduced pigmentation spots

Active Ingredients

Mandelic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, phytic acid, skin whitening active complex, peptides

How To Use

Apply the GLOW EFFECT PEEL using a piece of gauze pad or a grease free brush. Apply the product on the T-Zone and then on the outer areas. Application time is 5–15 minutes.


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