Eventone Anti-Age Spot Set

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Brightens skin tone targets dark spots and improves radiance.

[Free]  Pigmentation Serum – Booster No.3
Reduces the appearance of AGE SPOTS and helps your skin to assume a more even tone.

Key Benefits


  • Preventing the activation of tyrosinase, blocks melanin synthesis
  • Inhibits melanocyte differentiation
  • Detoxification, skin restructuring, firming
  • Intense skin lightening activity
  • Helps maintain a healthy look and feel
  • Inhibition of the coloration of pre-existing melanin pigments


Booster No.3

  • A topical treatment for most forms of hyperpigmentation and sun damage
  • Targeted lightening effect on age spots
  • Prevents photo-ageing and dark spots
  • Reduces the formation of dark spots at their source
  • Age spots appear on UV-exposed areas of the body. They are characterized by an increased production of two pigments: melanin and lipofuscin. Booster No3 prevents and regulates the formation of both pigments. It also inhibits the accumulation of lipofuscin in the skin by activating the proteasome, the cell’s own cleaning system which degrades oxidized proteins

Key Ingredients


  • DERMATOPOIETIN®: full equivalent of interleukin-1 alpha. Increases the immune system of the skin and grows elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid up to 90%. Acts through a patented Signalling Cosmetic® effect without the skin penetration
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin): fades age spots, lightens and whitens the skin because of its ability to treat hyperpigmentation
  • Complex of Marshmallow Root, Rice Bran and Licorice Root: provides a brighter or lighter complexion of the skin and decreases significantly the production of melanin in dark spot
  • Stabilized Vitamin C: is a powerful antioxidant and demonstrates intense skin lightening activity


  • Swiss Garden Cress: cleans of and protects our skin cells against dangerous molecules, prevents DNA damage
  • Swiss Stone Pine: reduces redness and age spots which leds to an increase in the skin tone homogeneity
  • Spirulina Platensis: Chlorophyll in Spirulina helps reduce age spots on your skin

Suitable For

For all skin types.

How to Use

Shake well before use, dispense adequate amount onto clean palm, apply drops of BOOSTER, mix well and apply.

Apply whenever needed DAY and NIGHT after cleansing.


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