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EPX Moisturising Gel Eye Mask – 5 pcs

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With its unique gel texture, the Moisturising Gel Eye Mask are made of naturals polymers named carrageenan. They create a filmogenic gel that spreads the incorporated active ingredients to the cutaneous tissue. Easy to use, suitable to all facial, shapes like a second skin.


  • Reduce signs of tiredness
  • Restores radiance and freshness to the eye contour area in few minutes

How To Use

Open the resealable aluminium sachet. The Gel Eye Mask is placed between 2 transparent sheets. Apply the Mask over the eyes. Press softly to make them stay in place. Let it act for 15 minutes and remove. Single use.


Carrageenans are polysaccharides that constitute the cell walls of various red seaweeds. They are also made of sulphated D-galactose. Therefore, this matrix composed with carrageenan and water creates a filmogenic gel that spreads the incorporated active ingredients to the cutaneous tissue. They smooth and moisturise the skin and the eye area.

Cornflower Extract
A visual treat, cornflowers also protect the eyes. Decongestant, it soothes tired purify or irritated eyes. Calming and regenerating, cornflower extract refreshes, stimulates and brightens the complexion. Astringent, it tones revitalised skin tissue.

Rich in polysaccharides derived from yeast, it prevents puffy eyes and dark circles :
• it reduces the volume of under eye puffiness by protecting and enhancing the capillary blood, and its lighten the color of dark circles by its action on the hyperpigmentation of suborbital area.

Hamamelis Extract 
Rich in flavonoids and in tannins (3-10%), the hamamelis extract is used as to soothe skin, thanks to the astringency of the tannins. This extract soothes the eye contour area.

This active is a complex of oligopeptides obtained by biotransformation of native proteins from the seeds of Hisbiscus esculentus. In other words, its efficacy against mechanical parameters of ageing in complemented by a biological one, offering a comprehensive anti-ageing approach. It inhibits the mechanical factor responsible for expression lines apparition.


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