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EPX Hyaluronate Algi Mask- 5 pcs (East-Malaysia Only)


Why do skin feel so tight or dry, and yet oily on top? It can be a sign of skin dehydration. Unlike dry skin, dehydrated skin produces a normal or even excessive amount of oil, yet feels tight or dry and can even be flaky.


  • Hydrating

How To Use

Pour 100 ml of water at 20°C in the shaker, then add the 25g powder sachet. Shake VIGOROUSLY for few seconds until the mixture is «silent». Immediately apply the paste on the face avoiding the eyes’ contour. Leave it for about 10 minutes, then peel it o in one piece.

Active Ingredients

Sodium Hyaluronate or Hyaluronic Acid 
Sodium hyaluronate, known as hyaluronic acid, is one of the most important components of the skin. With its powerful water-retaining ability, it plays a major role in the integrity of skin structure and the regulation of skin hydration. Applied to the outer layers of the epidermis, it forms a non-occlusive moisturizing film that gives the skin a soft & velvety appearance. It is a great moisturizing agent.


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