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Seremban - October 30, 2023

Laboratorie Dr Renaud’s InnovHyal Volumizing line is excellent for achieving that intense plumping and lifting effect. This line especially suited for skins that is dry, matured, aging skin. It contains 4 types of hyaluronic acids (HA) that instantly plumps the skin and fills up fine lines and wrinkles. Innovhyal can also be used as an alternative to HA injections as it provides a similar effect without being invasive to the skin. 

We did a chair demonstration session whereby a model was picked from the audience and Innovhyal cream and serum were used followed by a series of light massage onto half of the face. Shortly after 10 minutes, a comparison is made to identify the changes on each sides of the face. Truly a remarkable difference can be seen within such a short period of time on the model’s face. This goes to show just how wonderful and instantly the skin is plumped up with just InnovHyal. 


Laboratoire Dr Renaud (LDR)

InnovHyal Volumizing HydraCream

An award winning product in the category of ‘Day Cream at $100 above’ by Elle in the 2023 Beauty Grand Prix. 

For anyone looking for smoothing, plumping hydration with pro-youth action. An ultra-hydrating texture to intensely redensify the skin.


From the first application, the skin is intensely hydrated and plumped. Wrinkles appear less visible. Over the course of the applications, the skin regains its bounce, volume and elasticity. A fresh and radiant complexion!

InnovHyal Volumizing HydraSerum

The first topical wrinkle filler: a volumizing serum for deep hydration and plumping action. 

An intensive hydrating serum that allows the skin to recover the volume, hydration and bounce of youthful skin! Thanks to its exclusive InnovHyal HA technology, this serum recreates the volumizing and intensive plumping effects of wrinkle-filling procedures. From the first application, the skin is intensely hydrated, plumped and younger-looking.

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