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What is a Scalp Cleanser?

Like the majority of us, as we cleanse our head, we primarily focus on our hair. We often purchase products that would improve our hair texture, volume etc, and not give a second thought about our scalp. As a matter of fact, some of us may be facing severe scalp issues without realising. 

Just like our face and body; we buy different products for cleansing. To think about it, why don’t we do the same for our hair and scalp? We should treat our scalp the way we treat our facial skin, giving it the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Our scalp is extremely important because it is where our hair follicles are. By having a healthy scalp, the hair follicles are able to receive nutrients that leads to strong and healthy hair strands.

The diagram shows the difference between a dirty scalp and a clean scalp. The surface of the dirty scalp is filled with hair casts causing the pores to be congested whereas the surface of the clean scalp is cleansed, and pores are not congested.

Pictures below are the real form of the illustrated version.

Physia OE Scalp Cleansers

Physia OE scalp cleansers is a daily scalp gentle cleanser. Similar to our face, scalp cleansers are used according to our scalp needs, be it sensitive, oily, hair thinning, flaky scalp.

How Does it Work?

Physia OE is made up of a synergy of Essential Oils based on the specific effects the EO provides. With the added simple scalp massage, it helps with the penetration of the essences in the abnormality areas of the scalp.

How To Use?

Apply vertical lines along the scalp. Gently massage the cleanser all over the scalp. Next, add some water and allow to emulsify. Wash with water once done.

The sharp point of the bottle dispenser allows the scalp cleaner to be dispensed directly on the scalp.

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