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Penang - March 18, 2023

This time, we’ve introduced the new Malu Wilz Sensitive Pro line, that is uniquely created for sensitive and irritated skin. The active ingredients present in this line are gentle to the skin and helps to strengthens the skin protective barrier, soothes the skin, leaving the skin smooth with a supple effect.

Beauty Wellness not only includes facial and scalp wellness but also includes our whole body. Vagheggi Essential Oil line promotes body wellness through massage, enhanced with essential oils. Each of the essential oils are different and unique to their own usage and benefits. The molecules of essential oils have a lot of affinity with the tissues of our body; therefore they can easily penetrate the skin, passing through the hair follicles, carrying out specific functionality. 

Laboratoire Dr Renaud (LDR)

PURE Re[Gene] Sumptuous Cream

This powerful, innovative cocktail combines a mix of over 5 proprietary synthetic and plant-based biomimetic cytokines, effectively regulate cell-to-cell communication between keratinocytes to fibroblast, to the hypodermis. 

Retinol 0.22 Intensive Night Care

A highly effective anti-aging night care. The POLY-PORE technology used in its formula allows for a prolonged release of retinol into the skin, guaranteeing optimal effectiveness without irritation.

PURE Youth Overnight Cream

This exceptional anti-aging elixir with its satiny texture provides the skin with the essential nutrients it needs to repair itself during the night. Combining the power of Kronoxyl-9, an exclusive rejuvenating complex, with HA & Tasmanian Pepper extract, this product smoothes skin & erases signs of fatigue nights for a more youthful appearance upon waking.

Vagheggi Rehydra

Hydrating Face Scrub

Rehydra moisturising facial scrub exfoliates and smoothes the skin thanks to Jojoba microspheres, bamboo powder and Cuateteco, an ecological product that promotes hydration. 

It gently removes dead cells and purifies the skin, giving it a silky, radiant and smooth appearance. 

Moisturising Mineral Face Mask

A moisturising mineral face mask based on hyaluronic acid, minerals, shea butter and ecological Cuateteco, which provides intensive nutrition and hydration to dry and dehydrated skin. 

Recommended for all skin types, it provides a pleasant regenerating, refreshing and illuminating effect that lasts a long time. 

{Before & After Treatment}

Below are the before and after pictures of our model using LDR Retinol treatment. 

Before Retinol Treatment

  • Dull appearance
  • Enlarged pores

After Retinol Treatment

  • Radiant 
  • Refined pores

Skin Care Tips!

The LDR Retinol 0.22 is an excellent Anti-aging tool. It is also a fat-soluble vitamin A. Therefore in nature, it “dissolves” in organic solvent such as lipid. 

With that in mind, after applying the Retinol 0.22 we can follow up with the Omega-3 Lipid Replenishing Serum. 

By doing so, the Omega-3 serum is able to act as a solvent for the Retinol to be diffused into the skin, allowing a more intense absorption for the skin. 

Follow our seminar blogs for more skin care tips! 

Vagheggi Oli Essenziali

Essential oil rovides a sense of well-being during massage. It can influence our mood and central nervous system thanks to their volatile molecular characteristic. 

Inhalation is the most direct and immediate application as the olfactory stimulations are the only ones to pass directly into the cerebral cortex without being filtered. For this reason, in aromatherapy, EO are used to rebalance the psychic and emotional sphere.

1. Regulatrice Essential Oil

Applied on lymphatic stations. It stimulates drainage thanks to lemon & promotes circulation thanks to the presence of ylang-ylang. Used before face & body treatment.

2. Lenitive Essential Oil

Alleviates skin irritations that are not due to pathological causes. It has calming effect that helps to relive stress. It is particularly suitable in the final stage of beauty treatment and after depilation.

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