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Penang - October 9, 2023

Through our past seminars, we have emphasised on the importance of the detoxification of the scalp through Physia Detox SynergyWe are grateful we got to know one of our beauticians that has been facing scalp issues for many years in Penang. After knowing about Physia, she consistently applied Physia Detox Synergy daily, and she finally saw the effect! She saw many baby hairs started growing on the top of her scalp and her front hair line, she was amazed.  

Why didn’t her scalp improve over the past years despite all the treatments and expensive products used? This is due to the toxins built-up in her scalp that were not dealt with, causing little to no improvements to her scalp condition despite all the products she used over the years. These toxins acts as an obstacle for the scalp to receive the benefits from the products applied. Not only that, it causes scalp anomalies such as hair thinning, scalp pain, scalp tightness etc. With that being said, it is crucial to tackle this obstacle in our scalp. Once the passage has been cleared, then and only then our scalp is able to absorb the goodness of the products and results can be seen.

Physia Detox Synergy helps to liquify the toxins in the scalp, coupled up with drainage massages to pump the toxins towards our lymph nodes, this is the process of detoxification in our scalp. Once the toxins are removed and detoxified, we can now target the hair loss problem by using Scalp Regeneration daily treatment by strengthening the weakened hair bulb in the scalp.

Physia OE & Scalp Regeneration

Physia OE Detoxifying Synergy

Suitable for scalp that are strongly intoxinated, stiff, painful and characterized by various anomalies (fall, excess sebum, dandruff, scaling, etc.). 

An excellent start to combat scalp anomalies combined with simple scalp massaging steps to drain out the toxins build-up in our scalp. 

Results? Improved peripheral lymph circulation in the scalp, normalising hair metabolism, slows down hair loss and encourage new hair growth.

Scalp Regeneration

A daily scalp treatment formulated for excessive hair loss. 

It naturally regenerates the action of weak hair bulb in the scalp, reducing the action of hair fall. 

It contains :

– 8 peptides growth factors

– Synergy of 20 essential oils & 21 vegetal extract 

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