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Discover the Newly Launched Malu Wilz products!

Milky Foam Cleanser : The innovative, milky texture turns into a delicate foam when combined with water and feels pleasant on the skin during cleansing. 

Liquid Enzyme Peeling : Gently loosens strong calluses and breaks down proteins in the skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially acne-like skin conditions and atrophic. 

Quality made in Germany

MALU WILZ Beauté is a German cosmetics manufacturer with headquarters right on the outskirts of Munich in Karlsfeld. The professional line offers both high-quality care products that support and regenerate the skin from the inside, as well as exclusive and long-lasting decorative cosmetics that emphasize the beauty of every woman. The brand MALU WILZ Beauté is popular with numerous German and international beauty professionals and make-up artists from Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East.

The MALU WILZ Beauté product world has the suitable skin care routine for any skin condition. The active ingredients that are used within a product series harmonize perfectly with each other in order to achieve the best possible results. Special products, ampoule concentrates and boosters provide that bit of extra care and can be used for specific areas or conditions. It is also possible to combine products from different series to help with special skin requirements. Your cosmetician will provide you with the best possible care programme for your skin.

ALOE VERA: The all-round care with moisture boost

The evergreen ALOE VERA with its valuable properties is presented in an entire skin care line. Suitable for dehydrated, irritated or impure-prone young skin ensures a healthier, more even complexion full of radiance. 


Enjoy life like a king with the CAVIAR GOLD series! Not only the ingredients are pure luxury, the sensual fragrance, the shimmering, sparkling, smooth textures with enormous anti-aging effects promise luxury at home and in the cabin. Pamper yourself with a royal facial! 


Discover more on Malu Wilz’s products ranging from cleansers to masks according to your skin’s needs!

SENSITIVE PRO : supports the skin with its function

Specially designed line for sensitive, irritated, hypersensitive and very stressed skin. The innovative special care soothes the skin, balances it and gives more resistance.

BALANCE PRO: anti-aging care for oily & dehydrated combination skin

This balancing skin care restores the skin to its natural balance. The active ingredients used regulate sebum production and have a skin-clarifying, pore-refining and mattifying effect. Irritated skin is soothed for the long-term. Collagen synthesis is stimulated, lines and wrinkles reduced.

HYALURONIC ACTIVE+: the combination of moisturizing care and anti-aging

Hyaluronic acid is a veritable anti-aging expert! The active ingredient provides long-lasting moisture, strengthens the cellular structure of the skin with its water-binding and firming properties. Furthermore, a special booster for hyaluronic acid and elastin ensures long-term structural improvement in the deeper skin layers. HYALURONIC ACTIVE+ is ideal for all skin types and works long term against the first lines and wrinkles caused by dryness.

THALASSO: basic moisturizing care

The moisturizing products address the needs of dehydrated and dry to very dry skin that needs no active anti-aging ingredients. A highly moisturizing Atlantic algae extract binds the natural skin moisture. Tropical cupuaçu butter prevents moisture loss and feelings of tautness over the long-term.

CONCENTRATES: active ingredient power for any skin requirement

Much more than quick beautifiers: concentrated nourishing ingredients target the skin’s individual requirements. With our precious CONCENTRATES, we offer the perfect combination of active ingredients for any skin care target and beauty desire – boosting treatments for regeneration, intensive effect ampoules and special problem solvers for sensitive or impure skin.

About Us


The basis for the growing success of the MALU WILZ Beauté are practical concepts, innovative products and active ingredients combined with a passion for effective skincare and individual makeup creations. Supported by national and international research partners, since 1987 we combine state-of-the-art ingredients with the latest trends. And this both in the field of professional care as well as in decorative cosmetics. More than 3,000 institutes in Germany and 30 international partners appreciate the unique treatment concepts and regular innovations “made in Germany”.

Effective Skin Care

Get to know the MALU WILZ Beauté products and the effective skincare programs for a beautiful and healthy complexion. From products with highly effective hyaluronic acid, which deeply moisturizes the skin, to regenerating creams or an elixir with pure gold particles – the needs of every skin type are taken care of.

High-Quality Decorative Products

The decorative assortment of MALU WILZ Beauté offers the perfect blend of timeless beauty accessories and a modern color palette, inspired by the fashion capitals of the world. Extremely long-lasting products with optimal skin compatibility and easy application – experience quality made in Germany!