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Kota Kinabalu - June 8, 2023

Laboratorie Dr Renaud’s PURE line is excellent for refining wrinkles and restoring youth from within. With its special active ingredient, Kronoxyl-9, LDR’s exclusive anti-aging complex provides a dramatic effect on the 3 types of facial wrinkles; expression lines, deep wrinkles and superficial wrinkles. Its deep-acting demo-relaxing effect relaxes facial features and prevents expression lines, an effective anti-aging treatment.

Physia OE’s Detox Synergy is a staple for our scalp health. Did you know that our scalp needs to detoxify as well? Toxins build up in our scalp can cause scalp and hair anomalies such as hair thinning (due to the supply of nutrients is affected in the hair bud and follicle), itchy scalp, scalp tenderness. Detox Synergy is a fluid that based on essential oils with a detoxifying action. It favours the normal functions of the scalp & optimises the natural development of the hair. It is one of our favourite products as its effective thanks to its powerful synergy of essential oils developed by trichologist.

Physia OE - Detoxifying Synergy

Suitable for scalp that are strongly intoxinated, stiff, painful and characterized by various anomalies (fall, excess sebum, dandruff, scaling, etc.). 

An excellent start to combat scalp anomalies combined with simple scalp massaging steps to drain out the toxins build-up in our scalp. 

Results? Improved peripheral lymph circulation in the scalp, normalising hair metabolism, slows down hair loss and encourage new hair growth.

Key Ingredients : Based on essential oils (Lemon eo, Bergamot eo, Eucalyptus eo, Mint eo, Lavender eo, Rosemary eo, Pine eo, Sage eo, Clove eo, Geranium eo, Cinnamon eo, extracts of Sichuan Pepper, Horse Chestnut, Horsetail, Ivy and Butcher’s Broom)

Detoxifying Synergy Usage

Apply few drops directly to the scalp and proceed with the specific massage as seen in the video. Shake before use. 

The massaging actions as seen in the video promotes blood circulation throughout the scalp, it helps to improve the peripheral lymph circulation in the scalp and oxygenate the cells, normalising hair metabolism, slowing down loss and encouraging new growth. 

Laboratoire Dr Renaud (LDR)

PURE Re[Gene] Sumptuous Cream

This powerful, innovative cocktail combines a mix of over 5 proprietary synthetic and plant-based biomimetic cytokines, effectively regulate cell-to-cell communication between keratinocytes to fibroblast, to the hypodermis. 

Retinol 0.22 Intensive Night Care

A highly effective anti-aging night care. The POLY-PORE technology used in its formula allows for a prolonged release of retinol into the skin, guaranteeing optimal effectiveness without irritation.

PURE Youth Overnight Cream

This exceptional anti-aging elixir with its satiny texture provides the skin with the essential nutrients it needs to repair itself during the night. Combining the power of Kronoxyl-9, an exclusive rejuvenating complex, with HA & Tasmanian Pepper extract, this product smoothes skin & erases signs of fatigue nights for a more youthful appearance upon waking.


1. Soothes Hot & Red Skin, Strengthens The Skin Barrier

  • It relieves redness and heat, and provides skin elasticity and moisture to strengthen the skin barrier.
  • Strengthens the skin integument and provides sufficient nutrition

2. Skin Protection & Moisture Evaporation Inhibition

  • Protects the skin from external stimuli by creating a protective film on the skin surface
  • Helps smooth skin texture by blocking moisture evaporation and increasing flexibility

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