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Kota Kinabalu - October 26, 2023

Returning back to Kota Kinabalu, we’ve come bringing new exciting launches since our first visit. As introduced in previous seminar blogs, Vagheggi laughed their new Lime line that is excellent for dull and stressed skin. Lime SOS Eye Contour Mask is an excellent product that helps to fix dark circles, eye bags and signs of dehydration. This results in smooth and brightened eye contour area.

Malu Wilz newly launched a new cleanser, Milky Foam Cleanser and an exfoliant, Liquid Enzyme Peeling. 

Based on its name, the Milky Foam Cleanser has a milky texture that turns into a delicate foam when lathered with water. It cleanses the skin by removing deposits and pollutions accumulate over the course of the day without stripping the oils and moisture from the skin. 

Liquid Enzyme Peeling can be used for deep cleansing. It helps to loosens strong calluses and breaks down the proteins in the skin, with that, active ingredients are able to be optimally absorbed by the skin. It is suitable for all skin types, ideal for acne-prone skins and atrophic skin.


NEW! from Malu Wilz

Liquid Enzyme Peeling

Strong calluses are gently loosened and the proteins in the skin are broken down. The barrier created in the horny layer is softened and subsequent active ingredients can be optimally absorbed by the skin.

Not to be used on open wound or irritated skin. Avoid eye area. 

Milky Foam Cleanser

A milky texture that turns into a light foam when combined with water, leaving the skin feeling pleasant during cleansing. Gentle, modern facial cleansing and a harmonious fragrance experience from a slightly sweet, creamy vanilla note are optimally combined in the rich cleansing lotion. 

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