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April 3, 2023

All the way from Vagheggi Italy, EPXperience welcomed Jessica and Giorgia to share with us more on Vagheggi’s new products and the future of Vagheggi. Ms Giorgia gracefully demonstrated a step-by-step facial on the usage of the new Rehydra line on our model. 

Ms Giorgia demonstrated the new Vagheggi Rehydra line and the new Face Boosters. Next on the agenda was presenting Face and body contact massage using the Oligomineral and Essential Oil line. Adding on to that, she introduced the new Vagheggi Radio Frequency (RF) machine. This RF machine is unique as it has a frequency maximum of 80Hz while majority in the beauty market has an average of 60Hz. 

This RF machine is used to improve skin tone and boost elasticity. It is extremely versatile and easy to use. Suitable for both face & body treatments, it immediately relaxes and rejuvenates the face and tones the body It also effectively treats expression lines and the contours of the face, as well as saggy body skin, and stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, improving skin tone.

Rehydra As Before, But Much More !


Genomics allows us to understand which molecules produced by genes, and which endogenous dermal and epidermal cell mechanisms, influence the level of skin hydration; this has highlighted that — depending on the molecules produced by their genes — individuals may be predisposed to this particular imperfection or may periodically suffer from it at different stages of life, in response to both internal and external causes.

Maintain all skin functions efficient 

Work on multiple levels 

Balance cell metabolism 

Restore the skin barrier 

Reactivate natural processes 

Regenerate skin cells 

Guarantee a high level of hydration

Range Objective

• Restoration of the hydrolipidic film;

• Prevention of TEWL (transepidermal water loss);

• Intense nourishment & hydration 

• Provision of skin water retention strategies;

• Stimulation of the endogenous production of molecules involved in balancing and hydrating the skin

Active Ingredients in Rehydra line


This active ingredient stimulates the many endogenous dermal and epidermal cell mechanisms by selectively modulating the gene expression of the various elements involved in skin hydration. And that’s not all: it also stimulates the body’s endogenous ability to normalise skin hydration.

Hyaluronic Acid

High Molecular Weight creates a “mantle of water” on the surface, hydrates and relaxes the skin profile with an immediate lifting effect, therefore it maintains and promotes a soothing and filling action on small wrinkles and gives a silky touch and velvety to the skin.

Low Molecular Weight is able to promote deep hydration, reduce water loss, increase elasticity, strengthen the barrier function of the skin..

Vagheggi PhytoTech - Face & Body RF

The radio frequency delivers heat deep down into subcutaneous fatty tissue without harming the epidermis, the heat produced by diathermy in fact causes an increase in the quantity of oxygen delivered to the tissues. This speeds up cell metabolism, elimination of catabolic waste and stimulates the production of collagen, elastin & hyaluronic acid, guaranteeing a gradual, visible elasticising effect.

For body treatments, it increases local metabolism, speeds up blood flow in the microcirculation, eliminates water stagnation, and reduces the effects of unsightly cellulite. It activates the fibroblast (produces of collagen, elastin & hyaluronic acid), improving tone.

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