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April 27, 2023

Every seminar is different and  EPXperience continues to demonstrate unique steps that helps target specific skin needs as we understand that facial treatments are not one-size-fits-all. Our promise to you is to provide the best quality products and solutions needed to combat facial and scalp issues in order to have an overall beauty wellness.

Laboratoire Dr Renaud (LDR)

PURE Re[Gene] Sumptuous Cream

This powerful, innovative cocktail combines a mix  of over 5 proprietary synthetic and plant-based biomimetic cytokines, effectively regulate cellular communication between keratinocytes and fibroblasts. 

PURE Neck & Cleavage

Defy gravity and time thanks to this miracle product that specifically targets the neck and cleavage. Its unique formula combines a lifting effect with firming and anti-wrinkle action for overall exceptional results.

PURE Kronoxyl-9 Lips & Contour

A true complete corrective, repairing protective and rejuvenating treatment. Not only does it visibly reduce the signs of aging, but it also repairs the most damaged lips and protects them from the ravages of the climate and the environment. Its corrective anti-wrinkle and smoothing action combined with its volumizing action helps redefine the lip contour. Your lips will never have been so soft and plump.

Retinol 0.22 Intensive Night Care

A highly effective anti-aging night care. The POLY-PORE technology used in its formula allows for a prolonged release of retinol into the skin, guaranteeing optimal effectiveness without irritation.

Omega-3 Lipid Replenishing Serum

Give your skin what it needs: a daily dose of Omega-3. Like the rest of the human body, skin needs a balanced diet that provides it with the essential nutrients. A veritable “anti-gloom” treatment for the skin, orange-scented Omega-3 serum that soothes and restores sensitive, irritated skin. 

EPX Mask

Super Lifting Mask

The originality of this mask lies in its double action: the mechanical performance of the tissue combined with the performance of the serum enables to enhance the benefits. The moisturising and anti-aging active ingredients released by the serum act in synergy with the lifting effect of the tissue for a young and beautified skin. 

Malu Wilz

Clear Effect Complex

– Exfoliating, dissolves skin flakes & hardened sebum

– Anti-inflammatery & Antibacterial effects

– Promotes blood circulation & relieves itching

Glow Effect Peel

– Suitable for mature skin, reduces wrinkles

– Protects against harmful environmental influences

– Keratolytic, Brightening effect

AHA Peeling Neutraliser

– Neutralises the skin after AHA/BHA peels. 

– Moisturises and protects the skin

Skin Care Tips!

For combination skin, 

1. Apply CLEAR EFFECT PEEL on the T-zones

2. Apply GLOW EFFECT PEEL on the rest of the face

The T-zones where it is more oily tend to have blackheads, by applying Clear Effect Peel, the T-zones will have a more enhanced effect that targets  the deeper skin layer. 

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