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Ipoh - October 12, 2023

In this day and age, we are constantly surrounded by dust and pollution that has adverse effects on our skin due to the free radicals present in the air. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that attacks and oxidises the skin structures, affecting the tissue activities. Free radicals can originate from an external source such as pollution, and internal source such as stress and improper diet. Through these attacks, the skin’s appearance becomes dull and suffers from premature aging. In order to combat free radicals, an Anti-oxidant is needed as it helps to neutralise the highly reactive free radicals and prevent it from attacking the healthy cells. 

The all new Vagheggi Lime Vitamin C is a perfect solution and an excellent anti-oxidant line that protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radical attacks as well as oxidation. Not only that, it helps with regeneration of the skin that is exposed to various kinds of stress that ultimately causes premature aging. This line is versatile and can be used all year round and is suitable for both young and aging skin.

Vagheggi - LIME

LIME Vitamin C is a perfect solution for protecting the skin from the harmful effects from free radicals attacks and consequently from oxidation and premature aging. 

A line that illuminates & revitalises the skin inside and out.

LIME Vitamin C Cream

Elasticising, anti-stress day and night face cream with stabilised Vitamin C and citrus flavonoids, obtained from up cycled Mexican lime, for even, radiant and revitalised skin. Protects facial skin against pollution and environmental agents while keeping it supple.

It has a re-fill pack (50ml) for when you’ve finished using the jar. No need to purchase a whole new jar! 

LIME Vitamin C Fluid

The first topical wrinkle filler: a volumizing serum for deep hydration and plumping action. 

An intensive hydrating serum that allows the skin to recover the volume, hydration and bounce of youthful skin! 

LIME Mineralizer Zinc + Orange

Hydrates, relaxes and refreshes the skin, keeping it soft and supple! Excellent buddy for a hot summer day. Better yet, it is ideal for face and body. It is an alternate to cream, great to use after sports or even after swimming. A must-have when practising sports and energy recovery. 

An orange blossom and Zinc distillate with anti-bacterial properties, energising, elasticising, & anti-stress properties. 

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