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Ipoh -December 18, 2023

With the change of time where everything is modernised, the aesthetic field has also came up with innovative machineries that assist aestheticians with their sessions. A commonly used machine in the aesthetic field is the High Frequency machines that effectively stimulates the skin cells that helps in improving skin texture. 

What makes Winback more unique from the rest is that it uses tecartherapy. TECAR current uses high, medium and low frequencies depending on the needs and target. Winback uses 3 types of current, TECAR, Hi-TENS and Hi-EMS. 

  • TECAR Current – Stimulation of the cells in the 3 layers of the skin for remodelling effect of the tissue, fat removal, neocollagenesis, tissue firming. 
  • HI-EMS Current – Stimulates muscle contraction and lymphatic drainage. 
  • Hi-TENS Current – Muscle micro-contraction for a relaxing effect. 
With these combination of currents, aestheticians are able to enhance their sessions with more effective results within a shorter period of time. 

Winback - TECAR Therapy

Winback tecartherapy revolutionises physical therapy equipment. It contains High, Medium and Low frequencies, non-invasive energy which stimulates our body’s natural cellular ability to repair itself. 

With their collaboration with Bloomea Paris, Neocare 2 will be the future of aestheticians where technology becomes an extension of their hands.

Vagheggi - Balance

Specific line to treat shiny, impure skin with dilated follicle pores, hyperkeratinization, sensitivity, excess sebum, black heads and subcutaneous imperfections. It is generally suitable for treating uneven skin tone and imperfections caused by stress, genetic predisposition and hormone fluctuations. 

Balance treatments regulate sebum production. They minimise unsightly imperfections and keep skin matte all day long. 

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