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Present in all of the formulas in the line. It hydrates dry hair, adds shine, fights frizz and offers a conditioning and detangling effect.


All the active ingredients contained within our formulas are 100% Italian, selected for the characteristics that make them famous over the world.


Vegetable extracts from all over the world are the ingredients making Bothéa a fully natural solution to every hair beauty requirement. Botanical extracts and plants selected in respect of biodiversities according to their healthy properties ensure high performances and outstanding results.


Bothéa turns every cosmetic care and treatment on hair fibre into an effective action by focusing on the pH rebalancing. In this way, results are ensured together with high performances thanks to research and the restoring of the hydrolipidic layer. The ultimate answer to the requirements of today’s beauty professionals.


Bothéa is synonym of eco-sustainable beauty in tune with the elements of nature and with the environment. Its formulae were developed to minimize the environmental impact; every ingredient is of natural origin, therefore rapidly biodegradable. Sustainability and effectiveness, values and positive emotions.


Acidifying Mask pH 4.5 Line

A special conditioning treatment with a lightweight texture, ideal for all hair types. The formula conditions the hair fibre without weighing it down, for hair that is glossysoft and easy to comb.

Acidifying Mask pH 3.8 Line​

Rinse-out conditioning treatment, ideal for highly sensitised hair or chemically treated hair. Thanks to its highly acidifying formula, it closes the hair’s scales cuticles, ensuring the perfect reflection
of the light and extraordinary brilliance. It immediately smoothens the cuticles, leaving the hair silky and easy to comb.

Volumising Line

This volumising line is excellent for fine hair: it provides the hair with natural body, visibly increasing volume for a long-lasting hair style.

Peeling Line

Peeling shampoo that deep cleanses the scalpremoving dead cells and stimulating tissue oxygenation. The micro-granules absorb excess sebum and dandruff and have a detoxifying effect on the scalp, leaving it perfectly clean and ready to best absorb the following treatments.

Post Hair Care Products

– Hydrating Spray

– Liquid Crystal



High concentrations of this surfactant have a high irritating action and lead to dehydration of both scalp and hair, thereby damaging the hydrolipidic layer.


They form an invisible layer on both scalp and hair which conveys a sense of softness and a silky touch. They have no treatment properties and are not biodegradable, so they damage the environment.


These oils, which are commonly used by the cosmetic industry, are mainly mineral fats derived from petroleum. If not carefully purified, they might contain toxic impurities.


These chemical substances are normally used to convey stable colours to products over the time. They are unnecessary to the function of the product and risk to be absorbed by skin.


The family of parabens is the most used group of preservatives used by the beauty industry. They are looked to as endocrine modifiers and not safe for health. However, there are no scientific evidences of this.


All products from the BOTHÉA line were tested with the aim to study their effects on skin, in particular the their good skin tolerability. Tests were carried out using clinical protocols which recommended the supervision of a dermatologist.


This surfactant derives from the reaction between fat acids from the coconut oil and diethanolamine. It is potentially dangerous if used in combination with raw materials with which it may react thereby releasing nitrosamines (carcinogenic substances).


Even if we are not in front of a commonly used ingredient in cosmetics, it might occur to find some traces of it anyway. There could be contaminations due to a low degree of purity of the ingredients used or to the use of tools and containers releasing it during the production stage. People allergic to nickel don’t have allergic reactions if the concentration of nickel is lower than 0.0001%. So, the recommended tolerability threshold is equal to 0.0001%. Products from the Bothéa line present a value of 0.00001%, therefore ten times lower than the recommended one.