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A Cosmetology Company With Over 75 Years of Expertise

Through their world-class research lab in Quebec, the brand is committed to combining the best of skin science & aesthetic, creating modern, targeted & effective solutions through aesthetic  treatments & consumer retail products.


Laboratoire Dr Renaud is founded in France by Dr. Louis Raymond Renaud, visionary dermatologist and cosmetology pioneer. He is the first to develop expertise in aesthetic care and train carefully selected apprentices. He created the aesthetician profession.


Laboratoire Dr Renaud moves to Montreal.


Laboratoire Dr Renaud, a leader in in-institute dermo-cosmetics, has expanded throughout Canada, the United States and Asia.


More than ever, Laboratoire Dr Renaud is searching for the best that science and nature have to offer to provide you the best products.

About Laboratoire Dr.Renaud

Our Enterprise

Founded over 75 years ago, Laboratoire Dr.Renaud, a pioneer brand for aesthetic care, pushes the boundaries of what is possible in cosmetology day after day. proudly established in Quebec for over five decades, research and development have always been at the heart of its unique range of treatments. thanks to its thorough knowledge of skin science and nature, Laboratoire Dr.Renaud offers personalized skincare solutions of incredible performance.

Our Mission

Laboratoire Dr.Renaud’s mission is to design the best possible skin care products. For that, we make sure that you get the best that science and nature have to offer for your beauty.

Our capacity for innovation is not the result of chance: it is the fruit of our inexhaustible passion and our determination.

Our History

It was in 1947 that the great story began in France when Dr Louis Raymond Renaud created a company with the same name: Laboratoire Dr Renaud. In addition to offering innovative quality skin care products, Dr Renaud quickly understood the importance of training people who would be called upon to become more than just salespeople, but real advisers. Thus was born the profession of experts in aesthetic and beauty care, also called aesthetician. History is then strewn with innumerable successes and 2009 marks another important step with the establishment of a Canter of Excellence for Research and Development in dermatology and cosmetology within its facilities.

Now perfectly established, Laboratoire Dr Renaud is undoubtedly a leader in cosmetology which has succeeded in the daring gamble of perpetuating its rich heritage, while constantly evolving day after day. Passion and constant desire to innovate drive the Research and Development team, which is entirely dedicated to the in-depth study of the skin. The company’s success is based on many years of research and close collaboration with university researchers and experts in dermopharmacology.


In 2016, Laboratoire Dr Renaud joined forces with Cressida Therapeutics: a Canadian dermatology company with cutting-edge technologies in the field. This collaboration allows the addition of technologies exclusive and patented to Cressida to an already ultra-efficient range of treatments. Driven by a vision focused on innovation, Laboratoire Dr Renaud is a company that takes concrete steps towards the future.

Our Professional Skin Care Treatments

Laboratoire Dr Renaud offers exclusive skin care treatments formulated for use by professional aestheticians. Our synergy of active ingredients delivered to the skin in a precise order, combined with application and massage techniques, provide immediate, visible and long lasting results.


  • Dermazulene Ampoule
  • HydraComplex Ampoule
  • Phyto-Effervescents No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Vegetal Peeling

Our Highly Specialized Treatments

are renowned for their effectiveness. Each cure targets specific issues to generate significant, lasting improvement. Our Optimal care products are packaged in boxes with five ready-to-use trays. All products in the trays are packaged in hygienic, cost-effective and easy to use individual doses.


  • Beautifying Eye Care Beauty Flash
  • Clear Up Acne Management
  • Glycolac Plus with Well Balanced AHA 
  • HydraScience AHD3 Professional Treatment
  • ROSA-C3 Optimal Treatment